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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all services provided by Vicky Larter to any individual (”the client”) and constitute the contract for the service to be provided by Vicky Larter for the client.

The coaching provided by Vicky Larter is not counselling or therapy. We are also not qualified to help individuals who are physically dependant on alcohol.

There may be occasions when Vicky Larter may recommend to the client that they seek an alternative service more suited to their current needs. If this is the case, Vicky Larter will discuss the reasons for the recommendation with the client. It is the client’s sole responsibility to decide whether to follow the recommendations and Vicky Larter does not accept any liability for the outcome of any decisions the client chooses to make.


  • The discovery call which lasts up to 30 minutes is free of charge.
  • Once the Client has chosen the service required, upfront full payment is required to secure the assignment start date. If after session 1, the client feels that coaching isn’t for them, Vicky Larter will re-imburse the full amount. This is only possible after the first session.
  • Where instalments are agreed, there will be a 10% increase in the total amount to allow for the extra admin required.
  • Agreement by email indicates acceptance of the assignment and agreement to the terms and conditions.
  • In return for the agreed fee, Vicky Larter agrees to provide the service as described and in accordance with the terms and conditions set out.

Cancellation & Rearranging Sessions

  • In the event the client needs to rearrange a session, at least 24 hours notice is required.
  • In exceptional circumstances, Vicky Larter may need to rearrange a session. In this situation, Vicky will make every effort to arrange the session for the first available time for the client.


  • Vicky Larter respects the client’s privacy and confidentiality.
  • Vicky Larter may require supervision and if so will not disclose any names but may require help with a case.

Responsibility & Commitment

  • The assignment start date will be agreed between the client and Vicky Larter and subsequent sessions will be agreed.
  • Vicky Larter will work with the client so that they can set and achieve the goals. The client has sole responsibility for any decisions they may make following coaching with Vicky Larter.
  • The duration of all sessions will be confirmed and agreed with the Client. In the event that the session is delayed, Vicky Larter will do all they can to ensure the full session takes place. This may not be possible if the session starts more that 15 minutes later than the agreed time.
  • Vicky Larter accepts no liability for the client’s actions. Vicky Larter has no liability for any loss incurred by any client, whether financial or otherwise, following commencement of coaching.
  • Vicky Larter requests that the client provides an emergency contact name and telephone number, to be used only in the event of an emergency.