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Veronica London

I was curious to explore Vicky’s website having recognised my gradual reliance on my ‘daily treat’ of 2 or 3 glasses of wine every night yet waking up feeling, not hungover but one definitely knocking at the door. I didn’t want to give up alcohol completely but I wanted to have some help in how best to manage this when most other websites advocate complete abstinence.

I came away from my first session with Vicky not only armed with a better understanding of how to tackle the psychology of breaking a habit but lots of practical tips and valuable tools I hadn’t thought of. Early days but so far this has worked for me – thank you Vicky for continuing to help me feel more in control of everything.

J From Surrey

Feeling like I needed some support to reframe the long standing habits around drinking alcohol as I entered my 50’s, finding out there was someone who could help me with that was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. I had no real idea of what a the sessions would give me but I came away after the first one feeling enlightened, empowered and free. Vicky’s gentle and non judgemental questions about my relationship with alcohol opened my eyes and with her powerful tips on how to break the cycle of 20 years of ‘stress drinking’ gave me some real-life tools to use. I can’t recommend Vicky enough, this support is for everyone who wants to feel amazing mentally and physically and break free from old habits.